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To New Players...

First of all, welcome! We would like to ask those who are not sure of which faction to pick, to please join our Light faction. We could use a few more players to help out the balance. Good luck in game!


- Shaiya Evolution Staff Team 

Halloween Donation Promo!

For this month of October, all donation EP amounts are doubled! Stock up on Nostrum Packages and Ice Cream for the upcoming Halloween events!


The doubling of EP is already displayed in the donation amounts.

Welcome to Evolution!

Shaiya Evolution is launching today and would like to welcome all our incoming players! Our server is 5.4 based, with a max level of level 15. The max level of lapis is LV6, Sonic and Flash Lapis are Lv1, and Helmet and Accessory Lapises are also Lv1. Dual Lapis 1-4, Stat Lapis LV4, and Accessory Lapis are all free from the NPC’s in AH. The only special lapis we have is for accessories, which you can find more info on at our Discord under the #quest-guides channel. 


As you log in, you will be fully equipped with an enchanted Noble set to start off. To attain worship gear, you must farm Gold or EP in-game to purchase the Worship Armor Set. We have an NPC in-game which sells EP for gold. The Worship weapons and accessories can all be found from NPCs in AH. Please check our drop list on the website to find which map will be best for you to farm in. 


To obtain Heroics, you can either kill the bosses as a faction in Proelium or do the Heroic Armor Kit Quest, which you can find more info on under #quest-guides channel on Discord. 


Please remember to check our Terms of Service to make sure you are acquainted with all our rules. Check our Discord regularly for updates on the three REAL MONEY giveaways we will be doing! Hope to see you all in game.


- Shaiya Evolution Staff Team